KSB Nano Ceramic window film IR 2090

Item No.: IR 2090
Blocks more than 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Improve privacy-This Series has 6 shades that can offer more privacy for your and valuables inside the vehicle.
Guaranteed against fading or color change.
Lifetime warranty.
Description Why Us

Here is a premium Nano-ceramic technology automotive window tint, the most outstanding features of this window tint is the IR rejection rate, which is as high as 82%(950mm)and 90(1400mm)%. Diffusing reflection premium technology absorbs energy from the sun instead of reflecting light and radio waves. This Film does not block any signal from cellphone or any other electronic devices in your vehicle, this helps to reduce the temperature inside the car. And the window tint is easy to work with, the quality is very stable and 6 shades are available so customer can have a lot of options to choose from. What’s more, SF Ceramic Film Series Ceramic nanoparticles create a deeper black. It can provide cooler and more comfortable driving environment. This high-performance window film dramatically improves driving experience and the look in your car or truck. This film can also be used for commercial and residential projects.
The multilayer Nano ceramic solar film uses titanium nitride Nano-magnetron sputtering technology, which is more stable, stronger and corrosion resistant than ordinary solar films. One nanometer is equal to one millionth of a millimeter. It is so small. When a material reaches the nanometer scale, light, electricity, magnetism, force, etc. will appear special properties completely Different with the original material. Using this special property, material applications will achieve more application value and added value. This technology has developed rapidly in the past two decades.
Magnetron sputtering technology sputters titanium nitride onto the film with a high precision of less than 100 nanometers, ensuring that the heat insulation film can achieve a balanced color and extremely high definition, so that the Nano Ceramic film has a low visible light reflectivity, or no dazzling glare. Titanium Nitride (TiN) combines the low reflection of the dye film and the high heat reflection of the metal film, so that the solar film maintains excellent heat insulation while ensuring a clear vision and reducing driving fatigue. Titanium nitride (TiN) also increases the stability of the film, coupled with the excellent durability, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance of the ceramic nature, making the window film durable, non-fading and non-oxidizing.

KSB ceramic films can be trusted by consumers all over the world for its excellent quality:
1. Appearance
The appearance of your vehicle will be improved with Nano-ceramic film for excellent light transmittance. The clearness of the film will allows the vehicle to gain a aesthetics look with natural window color or match with OEM window color.
2. Technology
Premium Nano ceramic window film applies titanium nitride as a ceramic coating, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, resistance to oxidation and fading, and strong corrosion resistance. Nano Films enable more choices to vehicle owners with more diverse needs
3. High heat insulation
In summer, the temperature is high. When choosing a car film, you should also pay attention to whether it has a better heat insulation effect. For example, the KSB Nano-ceramic film has an excellent blocking effect on solar heat, which can make summer cooler.
4. UV block
UV ray are harmful to human, especially to the skin. Also UV causes interior to fade or age. Nano ceramic film block 99.9% of the UV rays and this helps car owners to obtain a safer driving environment.
5. Lifetime warranty against color fading, bubble.
All KSB Nano ceramic window films come with lifetime warranty because of the newest technology and the quality materials.
6. clear vision
Nano ceramic film applies specially treated Nano particles to gain certain Optical and Thermal functions.
One thing is important for the film to have high clarity, besides the quality of the Substrate-The distribution of Nano ceramic molecular structure. There are two ways of the Nano ceramic material Coating-Thousand degree sintering and hundred degree stir. The Nano IR absorber comes in as powder, to get them coated on the films. To save cost and time, some manufacturer, stirrer up and mix the heat rejection material with just hot water-this is an inexpensive way, but the disadvantage is obvious, the particles are not evenly coated on the film or in uniform sizes. When the light comes through, they diffuse light in different angles and this can make the film foggy or alter the view.
The Nano-powder itself is in a soft agglomeration state. We need to use wet grinding equipment and processes to separate the soft agglomeration. So they stay in a stable state. The powder needs to be burnt at 800-1000℃, so that big particles are burnt into more evenly uniformed size. A good quality Nano film will have high IR rejection, low reflectivity, and high clarity.
The picture below will show the Nano ceramic molecular distribution compare:

KSB Nano-ceramic film has become a car film brand recognized by many due to its eye-catching appearance, high-quality technology and excellent heat insulation effect. In addition, it also has the characteristics of non-blocking signal, non-oxidizing and fading, high clear vision and long lifetime warranty, which is definitely the better choice for the tint shops or car owners.

Dongguan KSB Film Technology Co., Ltd is a leading international manufacturer of Nano-window film. It was founded in Dongguan,the manufacturing capital of China in 2014.It covers an area of 50,000 square meters with 30 scientific researcher’s team formed by many top-level talents in the field of window film. KSB window tint and film products are sold and distributed all over the world. It is one the leading brands in China market with over 3000 distributors nationwide. KSB is committed to providing customers with higher quality, more reliable, more economical and more environmentally friendly Nano-window film.
Leading window tint manufacturer with capability to provide customer worldwide with quality and price competitive products. 
1.window tint factory
All window tints are manufactured, inspected, quality controlled under our own roof, not out-sourced from various channels. Backed by our top Research and development team and our dedicated employees, we care confident to provide quality products up to your requirement.
2.Top quality products.
Quality is what makes out stand out and it is the motto that we always keep in mind. We not only provide window tints with top quality but we provide a solution for our customer and we expect that based on quality products we can build a life time long partnership.
3.Innovative technology
With more than 30 personnel as our research team, we always want to lead, not to follow in this window tint industry. We are proud we made some progress but it is way not enough. We are always striving to produce window tints with better physicals and function features such as higher IR rejection rate with high visible light transmission.
4.Competitive price
To win on quality is one hand and to have a competitive price on the other hand is equally important. Helping our customer and dealer win out is our pursuit. We truly put ourselves in shoes of our customers and think about what they think about or concern about. Price competiveness can’t be more emphasized in certain window tint markets and we promise the to keep our customer stay in a upper hand position in this race.