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What is a Nano ceramic film?

What is a Nano ceramic film?  

In the window film industry, we often hear and talk about the ceramic film or Nano ceramic film. What does it mean a Nano ceramic film or ceramic film? Today we will share some basic knowledge in terms of the window film material, heat rejection components and some important factors.

First, we will talk about what is Nano?  Nano is actually a unit of length. One nanometer is equal to one millionth of a millimeter. It is so small. When a material reaches the nanometer scale, light, electricity, magnetism, force, etc. will appear special properties completely Different with the original material. Using this special property, material applications will achieve more application value and added value. This technology has developed rapidly in the past two decades.

The picture below is the effect of nano-ceramic materials under the electronic magnifying glass.

Then, what is ceramic, in ceramic window film, or window tint? 
In the window film industry, ceramic means a material or technology applied a film to enable it with certain features such as heat resistance. So ceramics here means- or generally refers to a new type of material that makes the average particle size (D50) of the material less than 100 nanometers through various means and technologies. The main material is Nanometer cesium-doped tungsten oxide powder.
Nano-Cesium-Doped Tungsten Oxide: It is one of the semiconductor materials with the highest spectral selectivity found to date. It is characterized by a high transmittance to visible light and a strong barrier in the near infrared region. The special properties of this material can completely replace expensive magnetron sputtering and other technologies, and are used for special needs such as solar film production, near-infrared identification, and near-infrared hot-melt processes.

Why do we need to use Nano ceramic window film? 

There some some key benifts. 

  • Driving comfort- 

  • Color stability,

  • High clarity

  • High heat rejection up to 95%+

  • blocks up to 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB

  • increase privacy

  • high mechanical strength,

  • low energy consumption,

  • Long life span.

A high quality nano ceramic window film is made of multiple layers. Each layer plays a role for different fuctions: Nano Ceramic window film is composed of the following layers:

  • Scratch resistant protective layer

  • Polyester

  • Nano heat insulation layer-Nano ceramic material

  • Polyester

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive layer

  • UV blocker layer

  • Release layer

Film clarity

Not all films are created the same. Some films are superior to others in terms of clarity, heat rejection and lifespan.
Here we will go into so details about why some films are clearer than others, especially for Nano ceramic films. As we have discussed in the above, Nano ceramic film apply specially treated Nano particles to gain certain Optical and Thermal functions.
One technic is important for the film to have high clarity, besides the quality of the Substrate-The distribution of Nano ceramic molecular structure. There are two ways of the Nano ceramic material Coating-Thousand degree sintering and hundred degree stir. The Nano IR absorber comes in as powder, to get them coated on the films. To save cost and time, some manufacturer, stirrer up and mix the heat rejection material with just hot water-this is an inexpensive way, but the disadvantage is obvious, the particles are not evenly coated on the film nor in uniform sizes. When the light comes through, they diffuse light in different angles and this can make the film foggy or alter the view.
The Nano-powder itself is in a soft agglomeration state. We need to use wet grinding equipment and processes to separate the soft agglomeration. So they stay in a stable state. The powder needs to be burnt at 800-1000℃, so that big particles are burnt into more evenly uniformed size. A good quality Nano film will have high IR rejection, low reflectivity, and high clarity.
The picture below will show the Nano ceramic molecular distribution compare:

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