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Heat meter test with carbon ceramic, IR ceramic, Nano ceramic and super Nano compare

In 2021 spring, KSB window film material has launched a long-expected XO series super Nano films-the XO series. By far it is top of the line for ceramic films with 99% IR cut and 100% UV. XO super Nano films comes with a lifetime warranty and it come in 4 vlt for the moment-5%, 20%, 35%, and 70%.
To show the performances of XO series Super Nano Film, we did a test with a heat lamp and a heat/BTU meter to compare the data of our Carbon ceramic (DD8550), IR7090, SF70, and XO70.

The data is as below:

check youtube to see the test:
Film Series IR BTU Data
DD8550 50% 498 W/
IR7090 82% 165 W/
SF70 95% 68.8 W/
XO70 99.5% 7.5 W/

*Power meter model-linshang Power Meter LS122 IR
*heat lamp-230W
The Data shows, XO super Nano films can block a substantial amount of heat and it performs the best the ceramic line. This Nano film can improve your driving experience.
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