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Most common size of window films with KSB window film Material Co., LTD

The most common sizes are:
  1. 60 INCH=152CM
  2. 40 INCH=100CM
  3. 37 INCH=94CM
  4. 32 INCH= 81CM
  5. 28 INCH=71CM
  6. 24 INCH=60CM
  7. 23 INCH=58CM
  8. 22 INCH=56CM
  9. 20 INCH=50CM
  10. 18 INCH=46CM
  11. 16 INCH=40CM
All the cutting for films from 60 inch to a short size is free of charge! Regular ceramic window tint length is 100ft; 200ft. Special length is also available at customer requirement.  
KSB window film Material Co., LTD is one leading window films factory in China, main products are  Nano-ceramic, carbon ceramic, color stable and dye films The production facility is located in Dongguan; the manufacturing capital of China. With scientific research team by many top-level talents in the field of window film, KSB is committed to providing customers with higher quality, more reliable, more economical and more environmental friendly window film. KSB mission- "safety, energy saving and health “and set up a new benchmark for Nano-ceramic window film enterprises.”
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