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KSB window Ceramic film-IR technology and material

Nanometer (nm): 1 centimeter = 10 millimeters = 10,000 micrometers = 10,000,000 nanometers
Nano is a unit of scale between macro and micro

1.    Nano technology:

It is a new technology that can be applied to actual production by technicians through various precision means. When a material reaches the nanometer scale, light, electricity, magnetism, force, etc. will appear special properties completely Different with the original material. Using this special property, material applications will achieve more application value and added value. This technology has developed rapidly in the past two decades

2.    Nanomaterial:

Generally refers to a new type of material that makes the average particle size (D50) of the material less than 100 nanometers through various means and technologies

2.1 Nanometer cesium-doped tungsten oxide powder [Cs0.33WOx]:

Nano-Cesium-Doped Tungsten Oxide:
It is one of the semiconductor materials with the highest spectral selectivity found to date. It is characterized by a high transmittance to visible light and a strong barrier in the near infrared region. The special properties of this material can completely replace expensive magnetron sputtering and other technologies, and are used for special needs such as solar film production, near-infrared identification, and near-infrared hot-melt processes.
Nano cesium doped tungsten oxide paste:
The Nano-powder itself is in a soft agglomeration state. Generally, the particle size is about 2-5 microns, which still belongs to the field of fine powder technology. We need to use wet grinding equipment and processes to separate the soft agglomeration. And stay in a stable state

Morphology of nanoparticle distribution on base film (Scanning electron microscope magnification 100,000 times)

2.2          Nano anion slurry:

Using "rare crystal" crystals, wet grinding into a nano-sized slurry, with high negative ion release, super bactericidal properties and the ability to remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, can be used for film, wood floor light curing coating Cloth production

2.3          Nano-Ni-C composite titanium oxide slurry:

Especially used in materials that requires UV radiation resistance and long weather resistance (20 years), such as color stable solar film and other products
Nanometer cesium-doped tungsten oxide powder [Cs0.33WOx]
Nano cesium doped tungsten oxide slurry
Nano anion slurry
Dark catalyst sterilization water spray
Nano Ni-C composite constant color paste