Why buy window films from China?
China is one of the manufacturer centers in the world. This is also the case for the window films. There are a few window film manufacturers in China, and KSB window film Material Co., LTD is one major player, with its main products Nano-ceramic, ceramic, regular 2 ply, carbon, and dye films The production facility is located in Dongguan; the manufacturing capital of China, With scientific research team formed by many top-level talents in the field of window film, KSB is committed to providing customers with higher quality, more reliable, more economical and more environmental friendly window film. KSB mission- "safety, energy saving and health “and set up a new benchmark for Nano-ceramic window film enterprises.”
KSB window film Material Co., LTD stay committed to providing quality products to distributors all over the world. OEM and ODM are welcome. If you are a window film business who wants to have products private labeled products, please contact us.
Our window films products are welcomed and well-feedbacked by customers all over the world. And there are some advantages of buying our films:
People may hear that Chinese window films are of inferior quality and end users are advised to stay away from it. But is this true? Just look around some tint shops and see what kind of private labels are suggested? Chances are those films are from China. China films have improved its quality substantially. For KSB window film, the bonding of the adhesives, PET clarity, and Nano-ceramic particle treatment also improves over years of reassert and development. Welcome to contact us for more data spreadsheet for details.
Cost is a huge advantage also for the China films, since for the time being, labor cost in China and the counterparts in western countries is still huge. To able to offer customer with something more price competitive will helps you convert those potentials. Same as the car market, we have BMW, Audi, and we also have Toyo ta, Kia. This is a segment you should get hold of. The China films will come to help. With the same or similar performance, cost of only 1/3 or 1/4 of the competitors’ products.
As a manufacturer, KSB window film Material Co., LTD carries large stocks to better serve our customers. And OEM service is provided to middle to small shop or distributors, with small orders. We do mixed orders, and we always try to understand our customer’s need better and find ways to serve them better
KSB window film Material sales and service team of formed by people of warm hearts and dedicated work ethics. We are prompt in order process, delivery, customer complaints, etc.
Our goal is to be the backup of our customers and let them win in the market.
5.Fast delivery
Small orders are shipped the same day and middle size order 10-100 rolls are shipped in one week. Container orders take 3-4 week depends on the order complexity.
Orders can be shipped by major international express, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and UPS, which takes 3-4 days from China mainland to other main cities around the world.
If you are window film business, and intend to get films from China, please talk to us, we will share with you our knowledge, and passion. Let’s grow business together!