KSB Launches the New Carbon Film DD Series

1.    What carbon film means?

Carbon films are thin film coatings which consist predominantly of the chemical element carbon. They include plasma polymer films, amorphous carbon films (diamond-like carbon, DLC), CVD diamond films as well as graphite films. ... They are deposited in the form of thin films with film thicknesses of just a few micrometers. Carbon window-tinting film is dark and matte-finished, so it provides a tasteful option on windows. ...
The DD series is color stable, and the heat rejection performance is unbeatable.
Key benefits:
Color Stable
Carbon film technology
High infrared and heat rejection
High-Resolution Clear vision
Natural Color
Blocks more than 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays
3 year Manufacturer warranty

2.    Specifications

Series Model VLT UV IR Color Film Layer Thickness Roll Size
DD/Color Stable DD0550 5% 99% 50% Super Dark Black 2PLY SRC 1.5MIL 1.52*30m                60" x 100'
DD1550 15% 99% 50%  Dark Black 2PLY SRC 1.5MIL
DD2550 25% 99% 50% Black 2PLY SRC 1.5MIL
DD3550 35% 99% 50% Grey 2PLY SRC 1.5MIL
DD5050 50% 99% 50% Grey 2PLY SRC 1.5MIL
DD8550 85% 99% 50% Grey 2PLY SRC 1.5MIL

3.    Positioning

This new series combines price and performance. Nano ceramic and ceramic films take the first and second places; here comes a third major player.
The price of DD series is lower than the first two, but the performance comes very close. This film will greatly improve your competitiveness when your client wants something within their budget.
It’s perfect for fleet install project, car dealers, and second hand car projects.
KSB Film Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading international manufacturer of Nano-window film in Dongguan; the manufacturing capital of China. With scientific research team formed by many top-level talents in the field of window film, KSB is committed to providing customers with higher quality, more reliable, more economical and more environmental friendly Nano-window film.
KSB mission- "safety, energy saving and health “and set up a new benchmark for Nano-ceramic window film enterprises.