Why us?
We're the leading window tint manufacturer with the capability to provide customers worldwide with quality and price competitive products.
Window Tint Factory
All window tints are manufactured, inspected, quality controlled under our own roof, not out-sourced from various channels. Backed by our top Research and development team and our dedicated employees, we are confident of providing wholesale tint for windows up to your requirement.
Top-Quality Products
Quality is what makes out stand out and it is the motto that we always keep in mind. We not only provide the best window tint films with top quality but also provide a solution for our customers and we expect that based on quality products we can build a lifelong partnership.
Innovative Technology
With more than 30 personnel as our research team, we always want to lead, not to follow in this window tint film industry. We are proud we made some progress but it is way not enough. We are always striving to produce window tints with better physicals and function features such as a higher IR rejection rate with high visible light transmission.
Competitive Price
To win on quality is one hand and to have a competitive price, on the other hand, is equally important. Helping our customers and dealers win out is our pursuit. We truly put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and think about what they think about or are concerned about. Price competitiveness can’t be more emphasized in certain window tint film markets and we promise to keep our customers in the upper hand position in this race.
KSB Film Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading international manufacturer of Nano-window film. It was founded in Dongguan; the manufacturing capital of China. With a scientific research team formed by many top-level talents in the field of window film, KSB is committed to providing customers with higher quality, more reliable, more economical, and more eco-friendly Nano-window film.
Nano-Ceramic Window Tint Supply
Whether you are a professional or an amateur, our team of experts can help you find the right window tint film to meet your needs and budget. We have put together a wide range of easy-to-install nano-ceramic window tinting films for automotive at competitive prices. Our mission - "safety, energy saving and health" and set up a new benchmark for Nano-ceramic window film enterprises.
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How to choose a high-quality paint protection film?

PPF is known as paint projection film, or clear bra. It is in high demand with more and more car owners becoming aware the functionality of PPF to protect the appurtenance of their drive.

Nano ceramic window films advantages over regular films

Nano ceramic window films advantages over regular films

What is a Nano ceramic film?

In the window film industry, we often hear and talk about the ceramic film or Nano ceramic film. What does it mean a Nano ceramic film or ceramic film? Today we will share some basic knowledge in terms of the window film material, heat rejection component

Heat meter test with carbon ceramic, IR ceramic, Nano ceramic and super Nano compare

Heat meter test with carbon ceramic, IR ceramic, Nano ceramic and super Nano compare

New Premium Nano Ceramic Film

NK Series is Premium Nano-Ceramic film. It comes with a light green background, which makes the vehicle looks classic. This film applies the High-Resolution Clear glue which guarantees the view is not altered. The Heat Rejection is up to 95% and 100% of U